Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Creative Uses for Flickr MiniCards

Ever wanted to easily hand out a few Flickr images? Moo has a service that prints your Flickr pictures on one side of a 28mm x 70mm card (about half the size of a standard business card) and contact information or any other text on the other side. As an added bonus to Flickr Pro users, you can get a free 10 pack of cards if you are one of the first 10,000 people to request a set. Others can order the 100 pack for $19.99.

I found out about this service on TechCrunch where many people leaving comments were getting a bit too hung up on whether or not people would use them as business cards. I tend to agree with some of the comments. Most professionals would not use these as business cards with the exception of a few artistic professions; however, looking outside of the business card box, I can think of several creative ways to use these cards.

  • Something cool and unusual to use in a more casual setting with friends and family.

  • Commemorative items for weddings, birthday parties, or some other event with pictures on one side and event details on the other.

  • Teenagers and college students using cards to share their email address, IM, cell number, and maybe a MySpace / Friendster account with new friends.

  • Invitations to an event.

Moo says:

“...business cards are boring.

In an ambitious reinvention, that will address both form and function, MOO will take the business card back to its roots as a sophisticated social tool for non-business use and will introduce a new, advanced generation of calling card for the networked, mobile and social young communities of today. If you’re reading this, that’s you.” (Quote from Moo.com)


Josh Bancroft said...

I ordred my free 10 pack yesterday morning. They look awesome, and I can't wait to get them. If they're as good as they look, I'll order a bunch.

I'm definitely going to use them as business cards. Anyone who thinks they're too "unprofessional" to use as business cards needs to lighten up a bit, methinks. :-)

Unknown said...

Cool! I think it's nice to have personal cards in addition to business cards. In open source it seems anything goes, I've seen some pretty funky "business" cards. I don't think they are unprofessional, I think they are interesting and show a lot more about who the person really is.