Friday, December 15, 2006

Techies Working from Home in Portland

There are many techies working from home offices here in Portland. In my case, I work for Compiere, a bay area open source company, and there are many others like me along with technology consultants, entrepreneurs, analysts, and others who wouldn't mind working at a “real office” occasionally. While I love my home office, it might be nice to have something other than a coffee shop where I could squat when I have company in town or every other Tuesday morning when my housekeeper is here. Shared office space would also provide a place where we can meet with other local technology workers to network, share thoughts, get feedback on crazy ideas, etc. by the “water cooler”.

The co-working idea could be popular here in Portland where we have so many independent technology workers. If you are interested, Raven started a co-working in Portland wiki where you can sign up or get more information about the idea.


Anonymous said...

There is one. It's called CubeSpace.

Raven Zachary said...

Well, CubeSpace is one approach. It's a business - what we're talking about isn't a profit-seeking venture. I need to reach out to the CubeSpace team and get a better sense for what they are doing over there.